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Beach Ready

Be Permanently Beach Ready – Book Your IPL Treatments Now!

Yes. We know it’s not summer yet. But, before you know it the sun will be back and you’ll be thinking of beach holidays and wearing shorts. 

Start Now for Hair Free Summer

Starting now on your summer routine while you’re still wearing jeans and boots is the perfect time to book up some sessions to get rid of unwanted hair. Here at SkinBase we recommend Intense Pulsed Light treatment or IPL for short.

How does IPL work?

Well, it’s pulsed light technology that targets the melanin in the hair. When you come in for treatment your therapist will treat the areas where you want to be hair-free. The light transmits heat to the follicles in the hair. The heat renders the follicle useless and they no longer produce hair.

Hair growth occurs in three stages:

  • The Anagen stage which is when the hair follicle is working to produce hair
  • The Catagen stage where the hair has grown and enters a resting phase
  • The Telogen stage is when older hairs fall out ready for the Anagen stage to start again

When you book a treatment not all of your hairs are at the same stage, in fact only about a 1/3. So a course of treatments is required. You’ll need about 6 to 12 treatments carried out every few weeks. So this is the perfect time to start a course of treatments. 

So, go book yourself some IPL sessions so that by the time summer comes you’ll be looking fabulous.


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