Curl your eyelashes

Curling your eyelashes can really open up your eyes. When it comes to ways to make your eyes look bigger, start by using a curling wand to shape your lashes. Aim for a natural curl. Afterwards, apply a coat of mascara as this will help create longer looking lashes as well as opening up your eyes even further.

Dab on white eyeshadow

This tip gets thrown around a lot and is a favourite for makeup artists. Dab some white or light eye shadow or liner onto the inner corners of your eyes. This little trick opens up eyes and makes them appear brighter and whiter.

Keep it light and bright

Keep the area around your eyes light and bright. Dark and heavy eye shadow can give the appearance of smaller eyes. If you want your eyes to appear bigger, maybe give that smoky eye shadow look a miss and stick to neutral or brighter hues. You can still work a bold makeup look with a bright shadow that complements your eye colour. And if you still want to create a natural smoky effect, try faintly smudging some kohl eyeliner on your lids.

Use highlighters

Take advantage of all the different highlighters and illuminators on the market to help accentuate and open up your eye area. Dab highlighter onto the inner corners of your eyes, along your brow bone, or even on the top of your cheek bones and blend in. The light reflective properties of highlighters can help create the appearance of bigger, more open eyes.

Add some eyeliner

Enhance your eyes by adding a dark liner on your lids. Apparently dark colours act as a contrast to the whites of your eyes and your eye colour, making them more noticeable and bigger. Stick to pencil liners as they help create a more natural effect. Instead of circling your eyes in liner, apply liner to your top lash line and add thickness as you move away from your nose to create a winged effect.

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