It’s time to celebrate the festive season and if there’s one beauty faux pas you want to avoid this season, its shiny skin. Oiliness is something many of us struggle with, whether it’s a shiny t-zone or a generally oily complexion. Banish the shine this Christmas by incorporating some of our top tips into your skincare routine – it’s the most effective way to natural luminosity.

Use blotting sheets

If your skin isn’t overly oily, you can use blotting sheets to take away the shine. These can be stored easily in your purse or handbag and you can apply setting powder after blotting to increase the longevity of your makeup.

Gentle cleansing

If your T-zone or complexion is extremely oily, consider the skincare products you are using. Harsh products that strip the skin of your natural oils will increase sebum production, thus, making your complexion even more oily. Instead, use gentle formulations like a cream, lotion or oil based cleanser. These will effectively cleanse your skin without drying it out, helping to balance and restore your complexion.


Moisture is essential for every skin type. For oily skin, use a mattifying moisturiser under your makeup and follow with a primer. This will help to control oil and ensure your makeup stays on for longer.

Give your skin a treat

Using a retinol based product in the evening as well as glycolic or lactic acid products can help to control oil production, renew your skin and ensure it looks naturally glowing without being greasy.

Go matte

Choose your makeup products carefully for the party season. Dewy skin might be the dream but moisturising or dewy foundations don’t tend to last long on oily skin. A demi-matte foundation followed by a sweep of loose powder will control oil without creating a dull halo effect.

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