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We asked our Skinbase expert, Leesa Faulkner, which treatments can be combined with SkinBase microdermabrasion to make it into a longer, more luxury beauty treatment.

We often asked questions about SkinBase, and how people can add it to a softer beauty treatment for added pampering. You deserve to have the most relaxing time when you visit any salon, so combining a few treatments at once can be a real treat. Want to know the answer? Read on…


Which treatments can I combine with microdermabrasion to turn it into a longer luxury facial or to enhance the results if other beauty treatments?


There is an underlying caveat between facial microdermabrasion and the administration of other luxury facial treatments. Microdermabrasion essentially removes the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving a rejuvenated layer of skin that is more susceptible to products and UV. It’s this deep exfoliation which over time leaves clients with an intensely smooth skintone and minimised fine lines, and treats a whole number of other skin problems, especially acne scarring.

Undertaking further treatments including facial massages with essential oils directly after a microdermabrasion session is largely regarded as a no-no – given that the skin is vulnerable and liable to large outbreaks or excessive redness should it be overworked or subjected to a deluge of product. That said, there are many popular alternatives to a facial treatment such as treating customers to a luxury scalp or neck massage, or in in conjunction with a relaxing, sculpting body wrap.

Just how sensitive a client’s skin is will be determined during the client consultation – something all therapists should carry out before administering microdermabrasion. At SkinBase, we provide full training, placing particular importance on the client consultation and skin condition as this is your guide to suitable aftercare products and possible complimentary treatments.

There are many instances whereby microdermabrasion is hugely beneficial as a pre cursor to maximize the effects of further treatments. For example, some therapists perform electrical facials after microdermabrasion – the intense exfoliation beforehand allows deeper penetration of products, maximizing the benefits from the further treatments.  Another favourite is to use microdermabrasion prior to laser treatments – this is because microdermabrasion leaves the skin at its most clean, in turn there is less scatter from the laser, enabling the best penetration of the laser beam.

Botox and dermal fillers are best used after a course of microdermabrasion treatments because the microdermabrasion treats fine lines by increasing collagen production – this is beneficial as it significantly reduces the need for injectables, so they are only administered on the deeper lines the microdermabrasion is unable to shift. For best practice it’s advisable to leave at least 48 hours before any injectables are used following the microdermabrasion or at least two weeks if the client has had Botox or fillers previously.


Leesa Faulkner, SkinBase

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