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How to Apply Make Up to Dry Skin

Dry skin is enemy number one in winter. Actually, scrap that. Dry skin is enemy number one whatever the season, especially if you’re planning on applying anything more than a scrap of makeup.

That’s why we decided to do our research and try to find some solutions and top tips for applying makeup to already dry skin.

Prevention is better than cure

Makeup will only ever look as hydrated, and sit as evenly as the base of the real skin beneath. If you really want to prevent dryness, then it’s time to tackle skin issues head-on. Make sure you exfoliate regularly, have a course of microdermabrasion followed by top-up treatments and choose a moisturiser that is rich and has a consistency that actually sinks into the skin. Add to that a shed load of water on a daily basis and a decent SPF (every day without fail) and your skin will instantly thank you by being a much better base for your make up.

If you want to know more about how microdermabrasion can treat dry and dull skin then take a look here.

Spend extra time on your eyes

The skin under your eyes is particularly sensitive and when dry it will be one of the key areas that show up dryness. Eye gels and creams are rich and help the recovery of eyes when they’re under pressure from the elements and makeup.

Tinted moisturiser… think again

Consider it like this… if you think you’re getting two products in one you’re really not. You’re getting half the amount of moisture and half the amount of coverage.

Concealer – pick wisely

Thick concealers or waterproof concealers will suck what little moisture there is from around any dry patches and significantly increase the possibility of flaking. Choose a lightweight concealer with light reflection and moisture built in.

Avoid using your fingers

If you’re suffering from dry skin, do not use your fingers to apply makeup, as they’ll absorb the much-needed moisture in your skin.

Choose the right formula

As our favourite Makeup.com say, opt for lightweight foundation and apply it with a synthetic foundation brush since it’s gentle enough to keep your skin from flaking. Then, use a damp Beauty Blender to press makeup into your skin for a natural, dewy look. The same goes for blush! Use a creamy compact or liquid stain instead of powder for added hydration that won’t crack.

Avoid powder

As mentioned in the previous point, really try your hardest to avoid powder anything if you have dry skin. Powder is great is you have oily skin, or if you need to set your make up when you’re on holiday or over the summer months, but in winter is can suck any remaining moister away completely – leaving you looking ‘cakey’. If you really feel you need to set your makeup, then use a very precise brush and only apply to the T zone.

Revive skin

Even if you master the dry flakiness in the morning, it’s very likely it may have returned after eight hours at work. If you don’t have time to apply your makeup all over again then oddly, you can remove any visible flakiness with tweezers (yes, sounds a bit awful but give it a go). Use a damp cloth or sponge and tap across your forehead and cheeks to revive foundation if you don’t have long to get skin looking fresh again.

We hope you manage a winter with glowing skin and a clear complexion! Please feel free to add your tips below…

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