It’s amazing the impact healthy eating can have on your skin and after some trial and error, I’ve finally learned which foods in particular really help improve my acne. I want to share these scrumptiously healthy super-skin-foods with you all.

During my teenage years, I had no idea how bad I was literally “feeding” my acne. I ate a good bit of sugar, refined bread and grains, processed foods and fast food. I suffered terrible acne that made me extremely self-conscious.

As an adult, I learned how my foods were controlling my hormones in my early 20s and I made drastic changes to clear up my face. I got rid of all sugars, dairy, processed foods, fruit juices, and refined carbs. I also learned what foods actually heal acne.

Here are my top foods to cure acne, all used from experience and with success. If you suffer from acne, consider eating these foods – you’ll not only have great skin, but feel better, look better and be healthier.

Leafy greens

These are my top beauty foods to cure acne, ladies. You don’t have to go overboard, but incorporate sweeter tasting greens like romaine and spinach wherever you can, which are more pleasant to the palate. Later you can adjust to the more heartier ones like kale, chard and collards.

Why are greens a great beauty food? First of all, they’re a top source of Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. Beta carotene is acne’s worst nightmare. It is a powerful antioxidant directly linked to curing acne and giving skin a natural glow.


Carrots are identical in their skin benefits with sweet potatoes. Carrots are such a powerhouse of nutrition. You don’t have to munch on them raw to get the benefits either. Juice them, throw them in a smoothie for a sweet taste, grate them onto salads or into dips, pair them with hummus as a snack, steam them with your dinner, or bake them into fry shapes for a fun, healthier twist on fries. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, magnesium and fiber, along with Vitamin C, another great antioxidant for the skin.


Salmon is such a great beauty food! Not only is it loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids which clear acne almost overnight, but it is also rich in protein. Good sources of protein, such as salmon, are key to healthy skin. Protein helps produce collagen in the skin, which keeps your face from aging, and promotes cellular turnover. Salmon is also rich in magnesium and B12. Both calm your nerves, which in response levels out your hormones. Again, hormones are key to preventing acne here! Be sure you purchase or order Wild Alaskan Salmon. All Atlantic salmon is farmed and filled with toxins, mercury and pollution from polluted water. Always buy your fish from a trusted source.

Sweet potatoes

If you’re having a hard time giving up starches, turn to sweet potatoes! Who doesn’t love these little gems? They are so tasty and actually lower your blood sugar, which is key to preventing acne. When your blood sugar spikes after eating high glycemic carbs, your body’s hormones get out of whack, which leads to acne. Sweet potatoes lower blood sugar levels, stabilise your insulin secretion, and also contain tons of Vitamin A. If you eat one per day, you’ll even get a natural little glow that appears as if you have a tan! Sweet potatoes are also rich in B vitamins, which are great for the skin.

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