We can all learn a thing or two from our sisters around the world when it comes to beauty, so I’ve gathered some amazing beauty techniques just for you! If you’ve ever wanted to know how women from India keep their hair so lustrous or how Spanish women keep their peepers alert and free of eye circles, I’ve got you covered!

1) The Spanish cure for eye circles

We’ve all hear of using cucumber to get rid of under eye circles but this next suggestion all the way from Spain might surprise you. The ladies of Spain have an even better remedy: they use very thin potato slices. Applied over your eyes for about ten minutes, they’ll get rid of under eye circles like that! They actually lighten your skin, causing the bruised looking circles to fade.

2) Brazilian cellulite cure

Is there really a way to get rid of cellulite, well Brazilian women seem to think so. If you’ve ever seen women from the country rubbing sand onto their bodies, then you’ve already witnessed the treatment. Using sand aids in the elimination of cellulite, stimulates and exfoliate your skin.

3) Indian hair care

Women from India have hair to die for. Lustrous, thick and flowing. So how do they do it? Coconut oil is one beauty trick. It can even strengthen your hair if it’s starting to get thin. By heating up coconut oil and massaging it into your scalp once each week, you too can have shiny, wonderfully thick hair. Go to sleep with it and then wash your hair the next morning. You’ll notice healthier hair instantly!

4) Italian lip conditioning

So for those of us who love a beauty technique that doesn’t cost too much – then this is the one for you! Italian women use an easily accessible ingredient to sooth and condition their lips. They rub their lips with olive oil, which also provides extra shine.

5) China’s anti-ageing secrets

Growing old gracefully is a beautiful thing although let’s be honest, many of us want to look good as we do it! You don’t need to rely on Botox, collagen, and things like that. Instead, do what women in China do: drink white tea. It will help shield your skin from free radicals.

6) French women adore lemons

One popular and simple technique used by French women is they soak their nails in lemon juice to take away stains. Lemons contain amazing acidic properties that help remove nail stains, so next time you paint your nails a pink or red shade, use this technique when you’re ready to remove the polish.

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