Well, come on…be honest…who has already given up on their New Year’s resolutions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I was reaching for the cake and had missed two gym classes by the fourth of January – but it’s not too late to do something good for yourself in 2015. And, what better place to start than your skin! We’ve pulled together five resolutions to stick to this year, and you’ll thank us for them when you have radiant skin that looks and feels good. Enjoy!

1) It’s time to establish a routine

When establishing a routine for your skin, it’s important to create one that you’ll be likely to stick to. It can be more detrimental to get started with a routine and then abandon it, and your skin may suffer. It’s time to treat your skin and believe me it will thank you for it! Once you’ve created a simple daily skin care routine, the likes of exfoliating and other special treatments should be much easier to keep on top of.

2) Supreme clean

We are not just talking about my biggest beauty must do – removing makeup before you go to bed, but it’s also important to ensure your skin is clean after engaging in a sweat session, such as a trip to the gym. If you’ve worked up a good sweat but fail to clean your skin afterwards, you are leaving yourself susceptible to acne. When sweat dries on our skin after a workout. bacteria thrives and can result in breakouts. Reward yourself with a nice warm shower when you return home. Not only will it be good for your skin, it will also be a lovely way to relax the muscles and mind. Win win situation I say!

3) Gently does it on the hands

Are you guilty of putting your hands and nails through a lot? If so, it’s time to make a change and promise that this year will be different! Try to keep your hands protected when you are outside in hot and cold weather or when doing household chores. Did you know that some experts say that our hands show our age most so if you want to stay looking youthful and keep people guessing, it’s time to take hand care seriously!

4) Keep your tools clean and tidy

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup tools, your body loofah or sponge? Truth is I am too embarrassed to answer that question but this year I will make more effort. After all, dirty tools equals’ dirty skin – so I’m resolving to clean and replace my tools on a regular basis.

5) Make time to moisturise

This year, I’m going to make it habit to moisturise regularly, especially at key times such as when I get out the shower and my skin is still damp. I’m also going to make it a point to care for and moisturise my feet so that when the summer comes round, I’m not stuck trying to undo months of neglect!

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