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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and here at SkinBase Towers we’re starting to get excited! If you are headed out on a date tomorrow night, why not try a cute new hairstyle? And the good news about the ones we’ve selected below (with the help of the amazing Beauty Blogger Byrdie) is that although they will look amazing, they still look quite natural and certainly not try hard! Effortless beauty is the look we are going for here! Just don’t forget to use (heat) protection!

1) Curly Chignon

We love this cutsie curly look! Try loosening the hair around your face to make it look effortlessly casual. All you need is a stretchy headband to create this chignon-like tuck. Here are the instructions on how to perfect this look courtesy of Delightfully Tacky blog.

Image: GeishaPearl

2) Fishtail that’s oh so knotty (naughty… see what we did there!?)

Feeling knotty and mischevious? This beautiful bohemian inspired braid, this time courtesy of A Beautiful Mess is the prefect hairdo solution for you. May look a little complicated but don’t worry, once again, here are the instructions. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Click here for the full instructions!

Image: A Beautiful Mess

3) Weaved Low Pony

This hairdo is simply a work of art in our eyes – something of an optical illusion! And we adore it! Click here to see the video tutorial!

Image: Divine Caroline

4) Braided Half-do

Are you headed for a candle-lit dinner and after a look that is soft and romantic? Then try running a curling iron through your hair and starting right at your crown, begin braiding two one-inch sections. Fasten them with an invisible hair elastic, then gently pull out the braids to make them fatter. Full instructions here!

Image: The Wonder Forest

5) Undone Waves

If you’re not feeling like any of the above, then you can’t go wrong with the favourite look of off-duty models with these barely-there waves. If your hair doesn’t naturally dry this perfectly, here’s Byrdie’s tutorial on how to fake the look.

Image: The Glitter Guide

Image: KiteSista

  • Want Instagram worthy hair? Then this blog from Pop Sugar is for you!

  • You know here at SkinBase we love our time saving Beauty Hacks – so this hairstyle guide for lazy girls is perfect! It’s from BuzzFeed so expect a bit of humour thrown in!

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