We love a good beauty hack and to this end, we have searched the net high and low for all of the information we could find, and a few of our own ideas for good measure. In this blog, you’ll find all the advice you need to keep you as gorgeous as ever.

1) Ice, Ice Baby

Image: M.MedicalDaily.com

Did you know that you can use ice cubes to keep acne, fat and pesky wrinkles at bay?

Well you can! Try rubbing and massaging an ice cube over your face until it melts. If you do this every night before bed, it will help to keep acne, fat cells and wrinkles under control. And all this amazing magic courtesy of the humble ice cube – love it!

2) Crumbly Eyeliner… Be Gone!

Image: Mymakeupideas.com

We’ve all been there, the dreaded crumbly eyeliner as you’re applying it – nightmare! Well, the good news is our friends over at You Beauty have a solution. They recommend popping it in the freezer for 15 minutes before you start putting your makeup on. After the freezer has worked its magic, the eyeliner should glide along your lash line effortlessly.

3) It’s Time For A Long Lasting Manicure

Image: Bloglovin

If you want a manicure that lasts and lasts, before applying nail polish, wipe nails with an acetone-based cleanser which will help to remove excess moisturiser, dirt and oil from your nails. This will help to ensure that the polish adheres properly and your perfectly polished manicure will last for a week or two –yay!

4) Use Vinegar And Beer For Shinier Hair

Image: TheRightHairstyles.com

Believe it or not but beer is not just for drinking and vinegar not just for fish and chips! It might sound ridiculous but did you know that rinsing your hair with beer helps to restore moisture in your locks and vinegar will give it an amazing shine! All you need to do is soak your hair for just a few minutes in either liquid, then give it a good rinse with cold water.

5) Conditioner As A Shaving Cream

Image: AllDayChic.com

Run out of shaving cream? No problem! Just reach for the hair conditioner instead and lather your legs with it. Not only will conditioner soften the hair on your legs and make shaving easier, it will also leave your skin feeling extra silky – win, win!

Image: Pinterest

  • We’ve mentioned tips above about perfecting the manicure and making it last longer but guess what – here are even more tips, 33 infact, thanks to BuzzFeed.

  • Eyeliner in the freezer is one tip, but there are so many more out there and we’ve found this perfect blog from the amazing BuzzFeed, again! From flawless cat eyes to Scotch tape stencils, these tricks will ensure you never leave the house with crooked liner again.

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