We all try to stop signs of ageing and whatever method you choose, make sure it’s something that ends up making you feel better about how you look. Understanding the signs of ageing related to sun exposure can help you get the treatment you need to stave them off while also helping you to understand and practice sun safety to help keep them at bay.

1) Age spots

Age spots, liver spots or lentigos are one of the most common of the many signs of ageing, and are often related to sun exposure. They can appear on your face or hands and other places that get a lot of sun. To help to prevent age spots on your skin, aim to always wear sunscreen when you’re outdoors.

2) Skin cancer

Going out without sunscreen will increase your risk of skin cancer, and some of the scariest signs of age due to sun exposure are moles or spots on your skin. You can get skin cancer at almost any age, but if you’ve had to have spots removed or grafted, you may show your age sooner than if your skin was still blemish free.

3) Wrinkles

People try and fight wrinkles the hardest as they are quite often the most obvious sign of ageing. Years of sun exposure can lead to wrinkling, sometimes even making you look older than you really are. Wear sunscreen all the time and you can help win the battle against wrinkles.

4) Skin takes longer to heal

Unprotected sun exposure can cause your skin to lose its elasticity. This can damage the skin and lengthen healing time when you are injured or sustain a bruise. At the same time, your skin bruises and tears more easily after years of sun exposure, so you might notice that a seemingly minor injury can seem worse than it really is.

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