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hair loss
Beauty News

It’s time to combat hair loss

Unfortunately, hair loss is more common in women than you’d expect, but don’t fear, in this blog, we will explore the common causes and what you can do to reclaim the hair you had at 21.

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Dull & Tired Skin

Concealer tricks to hide dark circles…

Dark circles are some of the hardest things to cover in the world – but did you know that there are tricks to hide dark circles that a lot of people don’t know about? Sometimes, when I don’t sleep enough, I get these deep, dark bruises under my eyes and it’s a pain to find all of the right application tips to hide dark circles that make me appear more awake than I actually am. If you girls have the same problem as me, especially during the party season, I’ve got all of the makeup tricks to hide those pesky dark circles!

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beautiful skin exercise
Beauty Tips

Exercise your way to beautiful skin

The rewards of exercise extend far beyond slimming down or adding muscle tone but if you still need a bit of persuading to lace up your trainers, here’s a sneaky peek into just some of the ways that it can make you feel and look fantastic.

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Happy New Year 2021
Healthy Living

Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year everyone! If 2020 didn’t turn out the way you planned then you’re not alone! 2020 was the start of a new decade and we had all sorts of plans to get off to a good start. Unfortunately, Covid happened and it all went out the window. So, we have decided that 2021 will be the year we concentrate on the things we can control.

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