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microdermabrasion treatment
Dull & Tired Skin

SkinBase Focus: Dull & Tired Skin

It’s Friday and we don’t know about you, but we. are. exhausted. Anyone else look in the mirror today expecting to see a face which echoed that Friday feeling and left feeling sorely disappointed at the bags, break outs and dull skin staring back at them?

Help you skin catch up with your mood in just 30 minutes…

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Beauty Tips

Introducing Unwelcome Maskne

Maskne is the term being used to describe the build-up of spots that sit around the chin and mouth under your mask. These spots are caused by the humid and sweaty environment created under your mask by your regular breathing; trapping bacteria and being made even worse by the irritation of the mask itself rubbing on your skin. Ew!

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naturally detox
Beauty News

Feed your body with foods that naturally detox you…

Health always features highly in resolutions so I thought it worth sharing some valuable insights into how to naturally detox your body, using foods. Some of them are quite popular so who knows, you might be detoxing on a regular basis without even knowing it!

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blotchy skin

HELP! I have an uneven skin tone and blotchy skin – will microdermabrasion help?

Lots of us suffer from an uneven skin tone, and it can make some people very self-conscious, especially when we begin to notice skin spots and blotchy skin. Microdermabrasion is definitely worth a go and it’s not just for the face, which many people assume. It can also target areas on your body that you are self- conscious of. So, what have you got to lose by giving it a go?

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winter skin

Winter skin is dry skin…

In winter, a mixture of the cold weather, hot temperatures from central heating and excess over Christmas can mean that your skin needs a little more TLC than usual. Particularly true when it comes to moisturising your skin and making sure it receives the hydration it really needs. Read on for some simple ways to quench your thirsty skin this winter.

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look good without makeup
Healthy Living

5 simple ways to look good without makeup…

We love the natural look but some of us can feel a little shy when it comes to going bare. It might be that we don’t feel as pretty, or worry about our imperfections. How nice would it be not to worry and revel in revealing our true beauty? Well now’s the time to go au naturel with our top tips, and here’s how:

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