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Does microdermabrasion really help with pigmentation and skin blemishes?

Now fellow freckle sufferers out there (although suffer might be too strong of a word – I actually quite like mine!), I am sure you’ve been told, since you were young, that freckles are a sign of beauty. I like to believe that indeed they are! Sometimes though, we want that airbrushed look that can only come from an even skin tone. Can microdermabrasion really help with pigmentation and skin blemishes and give us the skin we’ve always wanted…

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winter skin
Acne & Acne Scarring

Protect your skin in winter – our top tips

Changes in the weather means changes to your skincare too

This time of year can really take its toll on our skin. We are reminded about the importance of using sun protection during the summer months but often forget the impact cold harsh winds and central heating can have.

Skin feels tight and often looks dull, flaky and tired. Take a look at our tips to caring for your skin during winter…

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stretch marks

What can really be done about stretch marks?

We’ve all heard of them, the majority of us have no doubt experienced them for ourselves at some point either through giving birth, losing or gaining weight, or simply through natural stretching of the skin. But one question we all want to know the answer to is: how do we get rid of the unsightly, fine silvery white lines, which can play havoc with our confidence when it comes to wearing the clothes we love.

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