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Would you like to have healthy glowing skin? The perfect physique? A healthier diet?… of course you would. Lucky for you we scour the web so you don’t have to and post some of the best ways to get that perfect lifestyle right here in the SkinBase™ blog.

Dull & Tired Skin

Homemade face masks to give you and your skin a boost this winter

Not sure about you lot, but here at SkinBase we’re certainly feeling the effects of the nights drawing in and the dark, cold winter mornings making it an almost impossible task to part with the warm, snuggly duvet.

So, if you and your skin are in need of a boost, we thought you might like to give these homemade face masks a go, sure to revitalise the skin and soul!

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Acne & Acne Scarring

11 make up tips which make you look great in pictures…

So you think you look great. You’ve spend numerous hours perfecting what you believe to be a great ‘look’. Then one of your friends bring out their camera and snaps away all night. The following morning, you awake to the hideous revalation that you make up was about as bad as it gets.

Trauma. Once you’ve detagged yourself from the pics on facebook and sent you friend a mildly threatening message to remove the most offensive of the bunch – perhaps it’s time to look at these top ten tips to amke sure you look great in pictures moving forward…

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Acne & Acne Scarring

SkinBase top beauty tip – acid reigns

We’re huge advocates of sunscreen at SkinBase (like you hadn’t noticed) but since you’re always going to be subjected to the sun and it’s harmful UV rays, we thought we’d give you this short tip on how to protect it as soon as you’re back at home…

Top beauty tip:

‘After your skin has been exposed to UV rays, ensure you nurture and rehydrate it with cleansing milks containing hyaluronic acid. This will boost moisture levels intensely and also means your moisturiser will work more effectively’

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Beauty News

A beauty infographic – what women really think…

We love a good infographic here at SkinBase, so when we saw this one from Bircbox we just had to share. Although it’s a study based on American women, it’s still great to see the hairstyles they’re coveting, the bikini wax style they’re opting for, and the number of people who STILL don’t bother with sunscreen.

Have a read – do you think we Brits would be a little more modest or have hugely different thoughts?

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