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10 ways to boost self-esteem – the art of positivity

Let’s face it, we could all do with a boost of positive attitude every now and then. Perhaps you’ve had a rough week at work, maybe a friend or family member is being unsupportive, or is it the case that you’re just feeling a little bit sorry for yourself? Whatever the reasons, we’ve searched the web and pulled together a list of ten ‘positivity boosters’ that are bound to get you feeling your sprightly self once more. Enjoy!

10 ways to boost self-esteem positivity

1. Give yourself positive, encouraging statements.

If you repeat them enough, your mind will start acting upon them. Ever heard the term ‘good frame of mind’? Well, it’s all about training yourself to think a little more positively.

2. Build your confidence by picturing yourself accomplishing tasks that you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Cast your mind to something you know would make you incredibly happy to achieve. See every detail of the task and think closely about the rewards that will come from completing it. How you’ll feel and how others will also respond. Now put it straight into action. You’ll be surprised how easily it can be done and et voila! You’re elated once more…

3. Keep a diary.

We know it sounds a little ’20 years ago’, but you’d be surprised how many incredible people keep a place to jot down thoughts and feelings. We’re much better at processing information and making positive, thought out decisions when we have the time and energy to really get to grips with what we’re feeling. Reading back on your thoughts will make you view them in a different (and more constructive) way and react accordingly.

4. Be optimistic. When you catch yourself being a pessimist just STOP!

Force yourself to think about all the good things you have, be it family, friends, a job. Any situation can be turned into a positive or constructive one given the right mind frame.

5. Establish goals based on what you can realistically achieve.

It’s no use setting yourself a list of 200 things and aiming to achieve all of them by the end of the day – you are simply leading yourself toward failure! Try making a ‘done’ list, rather than a ‘to do’ list – a much more positive way to view your progress!

6. Rely on your own opinions of yourself and not what others think.

Base your life goals on your values and not those of others. You are the only person who can say what is right for you!

7. Lighten-up, don’t take things so seriously or personally.

Ever noticed how those people who take everything to heart always seem a little more down in the mouth? Try to see the humour in as much as possible. Emails and text messages make it difficult to access the tone in which things are said – two kisses instead of three at the end of a message are not life-threatening – believe me! Laugh at yourself and you’ll find people are instantly more at ease in your company.

8. Kick out your inner critic. Try to stop those internal doubts.

When we were children we didn’t have this problem, we rushed into every task as a great adventure and opportunity. Your self-doubt has been learnt and just as quickly it can be abolished. What’s the worst that can happen? You have control over your inner critic, so exercise it!

9. Take at least 30 minutes a day for yourself. Use it to read, take a walk, meditate or pamper yourself.

Having time to yourself gives you the opportunity to relax and think about solutions to your problems.

10. Laugh and see people who really matter to you

The people you surround yourself with are ultimately the ones who can make you feel great, or awful about yourself. Being with positive people creates a positive atmosphere and laughing together is one of the best stress relievers there is! Avoid negativity as much as you can.


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