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Stretch marks – how can microdermabrasion help?

This is a before and after picture from one of our incredibly talented SkinBase microdermabrasion therapist, and it’s just one example of how effective microdermabrasion can be on stretch marks. So often, we focus on the benefits SkinBase microdermabrasion can have on acne and acne scarring, dull and tired skin and pigmentation and ageing skin that we forget to tell you about how fantastic the treatment can be on other skin problems – stretch marks included!

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5 easy tips to achieving a show-stopping, statement lip

Autumn/winter might well be LBD season, but autumn/winter are the best for playing around with your make up – including the addition of a colour-popping statement lip. Here’s we look at five simple tips to making sure your pout is on point…

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Skip the foundation – how to get the perfect base

We’re in the business of perfect skin (and we’re proud of it!) Sometimes, there’s nothing better than feeling good to go with just a simple slather of serum. There are very few people who feel completely confident going ‘au natural’ – but there are lots of steps you can take to make your base that little more beautiful.

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